Club, Team and League Admin 1 of 4

1. EBFA GotFootball Player Admin and Preferred Division

Please complete this ASAP to ensure player committment. League Registrations are charged at £6 as an additional item on the Club's Player Subscription invoice sent separately via LoveAdmin.

Note that the FA also require guardian approval via their Whole Game System. The Club will deal with this admin.

The below procedure is for each team admin/manager to complete

1a. NEW players MUST FIRST be registered with the CLUB on LOVEADMIN then will be added to your GotFootball squad by the Membership Secretary.

You'll need new, good quality head/shoulders photos (jpg or gif) for ALL players at start of new season and good quality photo/scan of passport/Birth Cert for NEW players (proof of DoB).

Phone/tablet photos are fine as long as best quality is selected.

1b. If necessary, crop your updated player photos to head/shoulders (passport style) and prepare proof of DoB for new players:

Please double check that photos inserted are passport style i.e. NOT loads of background and very little face

Proof Of Age Document for NEW players - pdf or photo of document - normally birth Certificate or passport.

2a. Player/Team Admin

Login to Got Football

Contact Steve Kay if no Team username/password.


In the Event table Click 'Team List' against the relevant League/Season (may need to click 'Frozen' link if mid season)
Scroll down and click player's surname in the 'Full Team Players List'
On 'Player Info' tab ...
Check/update email address (mandatory)
*Check/update Home Address and Mobile Number or leave parent/carer to do this (mandatory)
Upload the new photo
For NEW players, click 'Documents' tab and upload proof of DoB.

(*this info is in the Club LoveAdmin database)

Please add jersey numbers. This is the Club's only record.

Complete same for all players. Membership Secretary will add & remove players

2b. League Guardians (Parents/Carers) Agreement Form (LGAF)

Click 'Email Team' at top of page - send an email to prompt parent(s) to sign the agreement (copy/paste the info below ) and remember to tick the box to include username/password in the email

Please Login using the username/password/link supplied at the bottom of this email.

On the 'Welcome' page, click the Parent-Guardian Agreement Form "Form Available' link for the correct 'Event'. This allows you to approve the Player as follows:

Update any Parent information required.

Please note that our Club is listed as "Berks County FC" (not 'Berks & Bucks FA') in the drop-down and you need to tick the small box at bottom of this screen to acknowledge league rules.

Please complete contact/emergency info and agree to payment even though this is £0.00.

**Please also add a player head/shoulders photo (passport style) to their profile and upload proof of age (eg. passport or birth certificate) to the Club Documents area**

Many thanks

To check who has signed the Guardian Agreement go to the Player List and change 'View by Event' to 'East Berks Football Alliance'. The end column (Forms) shows who has completed the form.

During the season, you will receive a temporary pdf by email then a new player ID card in the post but to check which players have been approved by the League, again, go to the Player List and change 'View by Event' to 'East Berks Football Alliance'. Players approved by the league are marked with a 'P' (end column 'TYPE') and any errors are shown here in the jersey number column.

Note: players cannot play without ID card .... either as the plastic card or temporary pdf sent by League.

Note: some systems may block the GotFootball emails as Spam/Junk ... so may be worth checking receipt via a normal email.

3. Before start of season, the League allows you to select 'Preferred section/division'. The League will do this for existing teams based on average points per game and the Club will do this for new teams. As a team manager, if you have gained or lost some 'superstars' you may want to advise the League using this function:

Click Events than choose correct League/Season then 'Preferred Division' (left side of 'Team' tab)

Detailed instructions